About us

Global Health Lab project was created by the team of people who travelled a lot, seen a lot and tried a lot. The initiative was to bring to general public the most exciting and outstanding products, related to nutrition and personal care.

All our products are hand picked and are of extremely high quality and consumer characteristics. More to this, Global Health Lab team personally believes in these products and uses them in day to day life.

That gives us the possibility to write personalised description story for each product, which you are welcome to explore. We do believe that in majority of cases good quality is accompanied by premium price. That allows producer and distributor to keep up to the highest standards of quality and customer service. We are not following consumerism model and use as our main approach less is more principle, which is converted to formula of customer satisfaction per dollar spent, which we believe is the highest for our selection of the products.

We treat each customer with personal attention and care and happy to provide personal assistance and guidance. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Global Health Lab is the ultimate space to look for high end nutrition and personal care products!

Please contact us by email: info@globalhealthlab.com

Phone: +41-21-543-29-39

Facebook: www.facebook.com/globalhealthlab

Google + : https://plus.google.com/+Globalhealthlab/posts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GHL_Swiss

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