Ancient knowledge and modern application: metal spikes massage rags

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Discover an authentic Yoga massage tools

According to ancient knowledge about body meridian system, chakras and acupuncture points, it is well known that you can use needles in order to stimulate energy flow in your body. 

Human body is a complicated biocolloids that consists of electrolytes. These massage rags is representing modern tools of old knowledge of acupuncture, reflexology, Qi-Chi energy flows, but in upgrade conventional way.

Having a rubber base that consisted from 5 differently charge  metals spikes: silver, zinc, copper, iron, nickel - massage rollers and yoga rags represent a highly innovative product that naturally releases and restores inner forces of the body thanks to useful stress and healing process, created by needles pressure on the skin.

Spike massage tools from plastics could not deliver such results as the plastic is non-conductor.

Only differently charged metals (like cooper – zinc) could naturally activate energy flow that has positive electrochemical stimulation effect on skin blood circulation.

Using our massage carpets and rollers affects greater areas of peripheral nervous structures, by naturally engaging and stimulating electrochemical process of the body that help to reduce inflammation in the joint which decreases pain. Moreover, by decreasing inflammation, the joint damage may be slowed

Massage carpets and rollers help to faster recovery and effective rehabilitation from sport trauma. Regular body stimulation by our massage tools will boost your sport achievements.

Using our facial rollers has strong firming and lifting effects.

Recommended to use by people with: osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain, muscles pain, difficulty moving joints or those who are in process of recovery from serious injuries

It is proved that nervous system and skin have ectodermal origin, vitals have endodermal and mesodermal origin. Connection of vitals, nervous system and skin is provided during oranogenesis by growing nervous system in the internal organs. Initially the principle of innervation has metameasured character, but in process of growth and body development its form and size of segments change; nervous bands are not broken, but they are displaced topografically. Due to these bands there is an exchange of signals between vital-sand surface of a body and on the contrary. In case of a pathology in vital signals about this pathology (more often in the form of pain) reach a surface of a body in its certain areas.

Fundamental principle of innervation is metameric in nature, but the body changes its shape, size of segments, their configuration with its growth and development; neural connections are without changes but they shift topographically. Due to these connections there is exchange of signals between vitals and skin and vice versa. In a case of vitals abnormality signals about this abnormality (in most case it is pain) reach the body in its certain areas.

Multi-needle surface therapy carpets carries out one of the most important recommendations of traditional acupuncture : use 2 or more differently charged metals (for example, cooper – zinc ) for more effective influence on biologically active points and areas.
Galvanic - electric action. Person's body is a complicated biocolloids. It consists of electrolytes, positive ions (cations) and negative ions (anions). Potassium, magnesium are in an organism in a form of cations. While, they are part of salt, in which phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine are acting in a form of anions (acid residues). Galvanic coupling occur after contact with rug's needles, which are made of different metals with saline.

In the 19th century L. Galvanin hung frog legs on brass hooks on iron fence on a balcony. Paws swayed in the wind and occasionally touch the iron rods. Muscles of legs reduced. A. Volta repeated an experiment and proved that a pair of metal copper and iron forms an electrical element. Foot-conductor is reduced by passing through it current. As a result a chemical current source has been created. It is known as Volta element. Its plate is a copper electrode (positive) and zinc plate (negative ), and solution of salt or sulfuric acid serves as electrolyte.

Potential difference ( electromotive force ) is established between the electrodes. It corresponds to free energy of redox reactions. The action of a galvanic cell is based on the flow of spatially separated processes in a closed external circuit : a free pass to the electrodes of external circuit (making a discharge current ) to the positive electrode. At the same time they participate in reconstruction of oxidant.

Consequence of a discharge current in the galvanic pairs of needles our carpets is rug's heating. Gill, an English scientist, found that the electric current flows in nervous system during transmission of impulses. Movable galvanic cell is formed when a wave of activation passes through a nerve. There are two poles in a nerve. "Plus", "+" is outside surface of a thin membrane around the cell. "Minus", "-" is an internal part of a nerve. Electrical pulse conducts on skin by an electrical element Cu – Fe. It changes permeability of a membrane of nerve cells, and current flows from its outer to inner part. This local current violates the permeability of a membrane surrounding areas, and a wave of activation goes on. In initial sections of a path membrane restores integrity and it is ready to accept a new wave of activation. As a result, current proceeds through the nerves by pulses, detached portions. Prolonged exposure by the needles of our rug is a source of durable impulses in the nerve centers.

Ions in a body are indispensable parts of metabolism. They are involved in the mechanisms that lead to permeability of biological membranes in regulation of muscle contraction, in conduct of the pulse activation in nerve tissue, etc. For a more complete understanding of the ionic mechanisms and their interaction with needles of massage rug it is necessary to turn to the concept of "electronegativity". Formation of galvanic couples in the metal spikes is based on it. In this case the above metal becomes negative, the under metal spike – positive.

Metallic properties of elements can be compared by characterizing their electronegativity - ability of atoms in molecules attracts electrons. It is expressed in arbitrary units. Spacial division of oxidation and regeneration processes is used in chemical current sources and by electrolysis. Dynamic equilibrium is reached at the equilibrium potential. Under dynamic equilibrium a current does not penetrate through an electrode, but a continuous flow of current carriers - electrons and ions - gets through a boundary phase. Long-term current flow requires submission of the reactant from the bulk solution to an electrode surface and removal of reaction products, which is achieved thanks to diffusion. In addition, the charged particles migrate under the influence of electric field.

Painful, inflamed area of skin is puffy, there is a lot of fluid and reaction in contact with the massage tools is intense, with the release of great amount of energy. Sometimes this process is accompanied by skin effusion. Upon the contact of a massage carpet and skin on the surface of a needle applicator and skin a lot of physical and chemical changes occur. As a result, an effect of galvanizing and oxide film occur on the needles.
At that point galvanic currents of maximum value occur on the needle-points (as a potential difference is formed between the base metal of needles and fringe metal cover that short circuited with each other).

Metal spikes effect by our massage rag on extensive areas of person`s skin includes more ancient universal mechanism of life maintenance of all alive on the Earth (in comparison with younger differentiated approach in a form of influence on a body by separate several needles — acupuncture: Chinese, Korean, Tibetan).

Effecting greater areas of peripheral nervous structures, we also engage universally as all peripheral and central structures of nervous system, such as: spinal cord, oblong brain, kernels, subcrustal structures and bark of the brain, initially "from above" programmed for independent, perfect nervous and power interrelation, regulation of all person’s organs and systems !!!

Reflexology basic 

According to reflexology, any wrinkle, skin spot, acnes or other signs on your face - might be signaling about potential health issues. 

Other use of reflexology is non direct organ stimulation. For example, by massaging certain area of your body with our massage tools, respective internal organs will be stimulated as well. For example, by massaging with roller top of the legs' fingers - stomach, pancreas and gallbladder will be be stimulated. By massaging big thumb (area 24 and 69 on the image) lung will be respectively stimulated, and so on.

Have a look on body active points and its meaning in our articles 

Lose weight with massage therapy that activates acupuncture points

In addition to diet (caloric restriction) and exercises, massage could be additional effective way to lose weight.

By using muli-neeedle massage belt you will get broad activation of body acupuncture points that will lead to:

  • increase blood circulation and increase metabolism within the treated area.
  • stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluids.

After applying massage belt just for 15 – 20 min you will literally feel increased temperature within treated area. Masse belts will get warmer as well at the end of the treatment, as more body head will be released.

Massage tools to Boost your sport achievements.

Multi-needle massage tools can be very effective in sport medicine. For example, multi-needle massage tools can be used for next:
- quickly warm up and prepare sportsmen before training/competitions;
- fast recovery after overstrain or overwork;
- as an effective rehabilitation/recovery tools;
- smoothly adapt sportsmen to local time zone; local biorhythm.


Unlike pills, massage tools are naturally release inner reserves of body, remove inhibition mechanism, restore inner forces - thanks to useful stress and healing process, created by needles pressure on the skin. It is very important to breathe properly while expose to multi-needle massage. Recommended, slow and not deep, breathing while expose to massage procedure. Duration for multi-needle massage is 7-10 min for sport preparation; and 10-15 min for rehabilitation procedures.

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