Fatty coffee is the latest crazy buzz among wellness experts

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Bulletproof coffee in Switzerland

Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof founder, is responsible for setting latest crazy fatty coffee trend popular among wellness experts that is now going mainstream. It all starts when, Dave Asprey made his trip to Tibet in 2004 and tried the yak-butter tea that made him recovered much faster to high altitude and continued to hiking. 

As we see, the original trend is well known for centuries for Tibetans. For generations, they have made yak- and ghee-butter tea. You might find it in Singapore, too, where coffee beans are stir-fried with butter in a wok before being strained through a filter into your cup.

So, the idea to put quality fats in morning coffee was developed and customised to fit Western taste and habits. Once the best fats was studied, it's come to the conclusion that Brain Octane oil (Caprylic acid, C8 that would come in completely chemical and solvent-free way) is the best fat for the body and particular brain, nervous system and cognitive functions.

Try to mix your morning coffee with Brain Octane oil and small slice of quality grass-fed butter to feel the difference throughout daily routines. You can add Bulletproof Brain Octane oil not only into the coffee, but put it in protein cocktails, salad dressing, drinkable meals or any other food there you regularly add vegetable oils. It is also suitable to cook under 160 C (320 F) temperature. 

If you're eating, but often still feeling hungry, Brain Octane oil will help to decrease appetite and provide with satiety. About other potential health benefits of Brain Octane oil, you can read in our Blog.

Meanwhile, around 7 million people worldwide have been downloaded Bulletproof video podcasts, in which various health issues were discussed with doctors, scientists and alternative practitioners. 

Bulletproof coffee is also popular among Silicon Valley tech wizards and local celebrities, like David Beckham visited Bulletproof coffee-shop in Santa-monica, CA.

david Beckham and bulletproof coffee in CA santa-monica

So why not give it a try Bulletproof coffee )!

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