FFP2 masks (2 pcs)
FFP2 masks (2 pcs)
FFP2 masks (2 pcs)
FFP2 masks (2 pcs)
FFP2 masks (2 pcs)

FFP2 masks (2 pcs)

SFr. 4.99

Type: Personal Care

Vendor: globalhealthlab


Particulate filter half mask (non-medical) CY2020-KZ-002 FFP2 NR


  • Approved by notified EU body: CE2834 (CCQS in Ireland)
  • Contains 5 layers
  • Adjustable headbands by the safety clip (multi-use)
  • 1 bag contains 2 masks.



  1. Failure to follow all instructions could seriously reduce the effectiveness of this mask and could lead to illness, injury or even death. Careful adherence to these instructions is an important step in the safe use of respirators.
  2. As with any other respiratory device, the user must be adequately trained before use. Before use, the user should always check that the mask is in good condition, there is no dirt, no damage to the headgear, etc.



Do not use a respirator, enter or stay in a contaminated area under the following circumstances:

  • a) The atmosphere contains less than 19.5% oxygen.
  • b) if you smell or taste a contaminant.
  • c) For protection against gases or vapors.
  • d) Contaminant or its concentrations which are unknown or immediately dangerous to life or health.
  • e) For sandblasting, paint spraying and asbestos treatment.
  • f) In explosive atmospheres.



  1. Never replace, modify, add or omit parts in the configuration as specified in the production.
  2. This mask helps protect against certain impurities, but in case of exposure does not protect completely ..
  3. Do not use a half-mask with particles with facial hair or any other conditions that may prevent a good face seal.
  4. Discard and replace the mask if:
  • The mask is removed while you are in the contaminated areas
  • Clogging of the mask causes difficulty breathing.
  • The mask is damaged.



  1. Hold the mask in your hand with the nose clip at your fingertips.
  2. Pull the headbands behind the ears, attach it to the safety clip, improve comfort and prevent leakage. Note: The tape on the same side should run above and below the ear.
  3. Make sure the nose clip is well shaped around the nose, placing the ends along the cheek to achieve a good seal.
  4. To check that you are wearing it properly, cover the mask with both hands and exhale strongly. If air is leaking around the nose, tighten the nose clip, if air is leaking around the edge, adjust the straps for better grip.
  5. Repeat the settings until the cover is closed properly.
  6. Entering a contaminated area with an inappropriate mask can lead to death or illness.
  7. Be sure to hold the clip on the earbuds while pulling on and removing the mask.



  • When not in use, keep the mask in a closed container, away from contaminated areas.
  • Keep the mask in its original packaging during transport.
  • Maximum relative humidity in storage conditions below 80%
  • Storage conditions at temperature: between -20 and +40 degrees Celsius.


Expiration Date: by the end of 08.2022.

Manufacturer: Shandong Chunyu Jinxiu Textiles Co., Ltd. no. 98 Shengtai Road Zhaoyuan City, Shandong, China.





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